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Quake 2 IRC Channel - Monday Nov 14, 2005

An IRC channel has been created for all things quake2!
Tune to channel on
Thanks to Anders Storsveen for setting that up!

Quake 2 Source Browser! - Monday, Aug 29, 2005

Nick Warne has been kind enough to set up an LXR source browser for the quake2 source. You can find this great resource

Really Widescreen Q2 - Saturday, Aug 20, 2005

Bryson Borg has a three head AGP and PCI GeForce 5200 setup on his Linux machine. Now running Quake 2 in ultra wide screen. Screen shots: A, B, C, D

He describes the following steps:

  • Add 3840x1024 to vid_menu.c and vid_so.c
  • rearrange /etc/X11/xorg.conf so that screen0 was on the left, screen 1 was in the middle, and screen 2 was on the right
  • Use the sdlgl driver
  • set fov 180 in q2's console

New Solaris Binaries - Friday , Apr 8, 2005

Vincent Cojot has been kind enough to generate some new solaris binaries, check the files section below.

Bugfix release - Thursday, Jan 27, 2005

I've packaged up a bugfix release of quake 2 version 0.16. Its available here: quake2-r0.16.1.tar.gz. It fixes an alsa compile bug and a few other things...

x86, x86_64 installers - Monday, Jan 10, 2005

Andreas Schneider has been kind enough to build loki-install versions of quake2 for x86 and x86_64. You can try them at:
Thanks to Andreas for doing this!

Release 0.16! - Saturday, Jan 1st, 2005

I am proud (well embarassed really that its been so long) to announce the release of Quake2 for Linux 0.16 aka "Sorry life got in the way...".
New features include:
  • Better Joystick Support
  • ALSA sound support (I hope)
  • Better FreeBSD support
  • Better x86_64 support
  • A number of other fixes
You can download it here.
Some people have reported mouse problems with the GLX renderer. If you experience these problems, try switching to SDL for the time being. The problems are being investigated.

Better Joystick in CVS - Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Joystick support in Q2 has been modified to reflect the quake 2 documentation. This is currently in the head of CVS. I need to test it some more and then I'll make a new release (its been a while ;-P)

Brian Hook patch posted - Wednesday, March 5, 2003

Brian Hook recently prepared a large patch which fixes windows support and cleans up the codebase for readability and other issues. Soon he will fork the quake2 codebase and start a new project. In the meantime, his patch is available for download and should apply cleanly to CVS.

RPMs, new Solaris packages available - Wednesday, December 4, 2002

Thanks to Vincent Cojot (Solaris) and Fabrice Colin (RPMs) we now have Solaris binaries and i386 RPMs available. Check out Downloads

Release 0.15 - A while ago...

Release 0.15 of Quake2 for linux is available below, the spark of death bug has been fixed in Q2Max!!! See downloads for binaries and source

Quake II 0.14.1 Released! - Thursday, September 5, 2002
Release 0.14.1 of Quake II features Solaris improvements and the return of explosions which had previously been accidentally removed. The massive spark of death bug in Quake II Max has not been resolved *sigh*... Download it here. This release obsoletes 0.14 which was missing some Solaris code. Binaries installers are available for Solaris and will soon be available for linux. See Downloads.

CDless Installer for 0.13 - Friday, July 12, 2002
There's a new installer, this one does NOT copy the data off the cd. It instead gives you instructions for installing the data yourself. New to this installer are the missionpacks, and ctf. This installer does not include Q2Max, as it is still buggy. Get it here.

Release 0.13.1 - Friday, July 12, 2002
Ooops the 0.13 release is somewhat badly screwed up (it won't compile...) an updated 0.13.1 release which does is now available. Get it here. Sorry for the problems this may have caused.

Release 0.13 - Wednesday, July 10, 2002
Don't download this version, See above! (7/12/02)
Announcing the latest release of quake2 for linux quake2-r0.13.tar.gz Improvements include the addition of the text-mode aalib renderer and including of the Quake2-Max GL improvements (note there is a bug in the Quake2-Max renderer so it is not built by default)

Installer for 0.12 - Thursday, June 13, 2002
Announcing a new way to install Quake 2, using Loki Setup. Note that this installer requires a retail win32 CD, not the Linux Quake 2 pack. It will ask to retry once, then it should find your CD. This installer is available here:

New Release! - Tuesday, June 11, 2002
Announcing a new release 0.12 of the Quake 2 source. The video modes currently available to you are now auto-detected (Stephen Anthony) and joysticks now work in GLX mode. The release is available here: quake2-r0.12.tar.gz

New Release! - Thursday, May 9, 2002
Announcing a new release of the Quake 2 source. Dedicated server support been added. You can now adjust GL gamma on the fly and aRts sound system support has been added. Finally, a bug in key repeating under X11 and GLX has been fixed. The release is available here: quake2-r0.11.tar.gz

New Release! - Monday, April 1, 2002
No foolin' there's a new version of the code available New features include: extensive improvements in Solaris support thanks to Vincent Cojot, and Joystick support on Linux and SDL! Have fun!

Joystick Support in CVS - Tuesday, March 19, 2002
Joysticks under SDL and linux are now supported by Quake 2! The code is currently only in the CVS repository. Users with joysticks are encouraged to check it out and send in bug reports. Hopefully there will be a snapshot release this weekend.

New Maintainer - Saturday, March 16, 2002 Hello, this is Brendan Burns, I'm going to be replacing Relnev as maintainer of Quake2 on Linux. Many thanks to him for his dedication, energy and coding to get this project started. Hopefully, I will do as as good a job.

Quake2 r0.9 - Sunday, March 10, 2002
Quake2 r0.9 is my final release. No major changes, as usual:

+ X selection support (softx/glx only).
+ Mouse Wheel support (softx/glx).
+ CD Audio fixes. (W.P. van Paassen)
+ Swapped SDL buttons 2/3 to be correct.
+ Big Gun+save game crash fixed.
+ FreeBSD support. (Hampton Maxwell)
+ Mouse buttons 4/5 supported (sdl only). (Angelo Grossini)
+ IPv6 support. (Florent Parent)
+ Documentation updates.

Announcement - Sunday, March 3, 2002
Saturday, March 9, 2002: I plan on taking the current CVS code, testing it a little, compressing the source and uploading it here as quake2-r1.0.0.tar.gz. This will be my last release, as I was only expecting to make two or three releases before a more ambitious group would have superseded my efforts. I still hope somebody will come along and fill that role.

If you think you have a clear, attainable, goal for this project and definite that you are not going to give up after one day/week/month, why not check out this and this?
[Update, a new maintainer has come onboard, welcome Brendan!]

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